Thursday, July 11, 2013

Barbeque Time

Here in the US when summer hits the calendar people are so eager to cook outside their house and do some barbeque. Everytime the weather is good and no rain in the early evening hubby and I will go outside and cook. The other day I went to an Oriental store and saw pre made pork barbeque. I thought why not grab two packs and enjoy the barbeque later. That day it rained so I took my George Foreman grill and grill the barbeque inside the house. Nothing could stop me from eating pork barbeque hehehe.

                                 Imagine this with hot rice and vinegar for dipping, yummy!      

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  1. ohmygoodness! that looks sooo delicious!
    perfect with rice and maanghang na suka!!!

    thank you so much for sharing this yummy post over at Food Friday, Manang Kim
    enjoy the weekend!

  2. Those look good. We love grilling too but it's been raining so hard. Kainis..