Thursday, September 12, 2013

Banana/Strawberry Shake

This morning I prepare our breakfast. When I was done doing my  thing in the kitchen I called hubby and he was amazed how little the food was on the table hahahahaha, I told him this is only around 300 calories maybe and if we want to lose weight naturally we have to do this, lol! But then I told him do not worry  I am going to cook lunch too with just less than another 300 calories hehehe.  Here is my first breakfast that I think it is healthy.

                                                                     The ingredients

                                                                 The Breakfast
                                                   Banana/Strawberry shake


*Berry/ Banana shake
*1 muffin cut in half
* 1 tbsp cream cheese
* 1 cup coffee or tea ( hubby drink it already)
* Banana (frozen or fresh)

Strawberry/ Banana smoothie
* 1 banana, peeled, cut up and frozen ( fresh)
* 1/4 cup fresh or frozen strawberry ( or any berries you have)
* 1 cup Silk mango/peach juice
* 3 tbsp low fat yogurt
sliced fresh strawberries (optional) for garnishing

     In a blender container combine the frozen banana pieces, desired berries, juice, and yogurt. Cover and blend till smooth. To serve, pour into tall glasses. If desired, garnish each drink with fresh strawberries. Makes 2. If you want more just double the ingredients you can't be wrong with smoothies! Have fun!!

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  1. yummy and healthy!

    thank you so much for sharing over at Food Friday, Manang Kim
    good luck with the diet!