Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Biko or Sweet Sticky Rice

Finally I was able to finished my biko and here it is. First naglalatik pa siya. With this I put two lite coconut milk and I think two cups of brown sugar (tinatantiya ko lang yong measurement). And then I let it settle down till talagang latik na latik siya. I cooked 3 cups of glutenous rice.

After, the biko was done hubby and I tasted it immediately and I found out it is very very sweet. But hubby told me it is perfect!! What a husband hehe. But this morning I transfered the biko from the kalan to the pyrex I tasted it again and it was not too sweet anymore good for the morning coffee.I remember in my hometown that in valentines day a woman should cooked something that is sticky like biko, suman or anything that stick together because the old folks said the marriage will last longer hehe. Just like when we celebrate our birthday we should have a pancit or sotanghon or behon (chinese noodles) and never cut it the celebrant will live longer. Well it is only a "kasabihan" our relationship with our husband doesn't base on anything sticky or long hahaha but it is how we communicate, respect, appreciate and love each other. Note: This is a repost from my other food blog that goes hay wire.

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