Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fish Paksiw

I so love fish paksiw or fish cooked in vinegar and some vegetables. I spotted a packed of Trout fish at Costco the other day. I so love fish so a thought came to mind, I would cooked fish paksiw then. When I cooked fish or any meat and has a lot of vinegar I see to it I cooked it with my glasswares. I feel safe in glasswares than other cooking goes my photos of my fish paksiw.

Fish cut in serving sizes with minced garlic

String beans, okra, eggplants

Here is my pyrex glass pan I cook in here a lot

Vegetables cut and put in the pan, put the vinegar just covering the fish

Cook cooked in vinegar fish served with rice!

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  1. when cooking with something acidic i like to use glass containers, too.
    yummmm! love fish paksiw!!!

    thank you so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, Manang Kim