Sunday, May 5, 2013

Singapore Dish

Last two weeks ago I was in Singapore, yes Singapore I was there for four days. As expected me and my friends agreed to eat Singapore dish. I see it there they eat noodles in different variation. My friend was craving for chicken rice. If you noticed the paste like "thingy" on the side I thought it is a shrimp paste but heck no it is hot pepper they blend it well that is why it looks like this. Mind you this is very chili but I so love it.

I like chicken rice but I so like this one. Sorry I forgot the name of this dish but it is really good. One of my favorite.

Then I had this dish too. It is a fish soup but unfortunately the vendor asked me of "something" at the same time pointing the eveaporated milk. Without thinking what it means I just say "yes". And there you go my fish soup with milk on it and I do not like it. The taste is so foreign to me but the fish is good. Basically, I ate the fish and the mushroom and some noodles but not the soup.

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  1. The chilli is not normally served with the chicken rice, I love the chilli or what we called it here, sambal. The second photo is the wantan noodle, I think.

  2. Makes me hungry! I guess I'll also don't like if milk added in my soup.

  3. i love sambal, definitely makes dishes more appetizing.:p
    i like the fish fillet with mushrooms.

  4. I love chicken rice! Have a fabulous week!

    Liz (mlc)
    Liz (yacb)

  5. They look very delicious. :)